Top MBA Colleges in Jaipur – Rank Wise List

Taking into account, the unique pedagogy, highly qualified faculty, average placements, reputation of Institutes, alumni support and some other considerable factors for arriving upon a good management institute, here is listing ‘Top MBA Colleges and their fees in 2022 rank-wise’.

There are many more colleges in Jaipur which provides MBA/PGDM full time course. Here is the list of MBA/PGDM Colleges in Jaipur.

S.No.MBA College NameFeesHighest PackageApply Now
1Taxila Business School₹ 9.10 Lakhs₹ 28.6 LPAENQUIRE
2Jaipuria Institute of Management₹ 9.75 Lakhs₹ 19.18 LPAENQUIRE
3IIHMR University₹ 9.60 Lakhs₹ 12.00 LPAENQUIRE
4Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT)₹ 2.25 LakhsNAENQUIRE
5University of Engineering and Management₹ 1.60 Lakhs₹ 15.50 LPAENQUIRE
6Faculty of Management Studies, Institute of Rural Management₹ 7.20 LakhsNAENQUIRE
7Chaudhary Charan Singh National Institute of Agricultural Marketing₹ 6.06 LakhsNAENQUIRE
8ICFAI Business School (IBS)₹ 6.03 Lakhs₹ 6.66 LPAENQUIRE
9Amity University₹ 3.17 LakhsNAENQUIRE
10Banasthali Vidyapith₹ 1.98 LakhsNAENQUIRE
11Manipal University₹ 8.27 LakhsNAENQUIRE
12Poornima University₹ 1.90 LakhsNAENQUIRE
13TAPMI₹ 7.53 Lakhs₹ 25 LPAENQUIRE
14IPS Business School₹ 1.49 LakhsNAENQUIRE
15Jagan Institute of Management Studies₹ 5.95 Lakhs₹ 10 LPAENQUIRE
16IILM Academy of Higher Learning₹ 4.0 Lakhs₹ 06 LPAENQUIRE
17JK Lakshmipat University₹ 6.54 Lakhs₹ 10 LPAENQUIRE
18jaipur National University₹ 1.57 LakhsNAENQUIRE
19Apex University₹ 2.40 LakhsNAENQUIRE
20R. A. Podar Institute of Management₹ 1.89 LakhsNAENQUIRE
21UniRaj – University of Rajasthan₹ 9.81 K – 2.27 LakhsNAENQUIRE
22ILAM – Jaipur National University, Jaipur₹ 2.75 – 4.59 LakhsNAENQUIRE
23NIMS Institute of Engineering & Technology, NIMS University₹ 1.20 LakhsNAENQUIRE
24Vivekananda Global University₹ 3 LakhsNAENQUIRE
25Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Vivekananda Global University₹2.4 – 4.7 LakhsNAENQUIRE
26Institute of Advanced Engineering, NIMS University₹ —NAENQUIRE
27ICRI – Jagannath University, Jaipur₹ 3 LakhsNAENQUIRE
28UEI Global, Jaipur₹ 1.27 – 3.26 LakhsNAENQUIRE
29ICRI – Jaipur National University, Jaipur₹ 4 LakhsNAENQUIRE
30School of Hotel and Tourism Management, NIMS University₹ 30k – 36kNAENQUIRE
31Arya College of Engineering and IT₹ 1.21 LakhsNAENQUIRE
32Institute of Management Studies, NIMS University₹ 1.20 LakhsNAENQUIRE
33JECRC University₹ 60.2 K – 4.6 LakhsNAENQUIRE
34Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology Management and Gramothan, Jaipur₹ 1.32 LakhsNAENQUIRE
35Poddar Group of Institutions₹ 2 LakhsNAENQUIRE
36NAEMD- National Academy of Event Management and Development, Jaipur₹ 7.92 LakhsNAENQUIRE
37TimesPro₹ 6.59 – 7.7 LakhsNAENQUIRE
38Imarticus Learning₹ 90 K – 2.75 LakhsNAENQUIRE
39St. Wilfreds P.G. College, Jaipur₹ 20KNAENQUIRE
40National Institute of Management and Technology, Jaipur₹ 30 K – 2.17 LakhsNAENQUIRE
41International School of Informatics and Management₹ 1.36 LakhsNAENQUIRE
42RIET Jaipur – Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
43Tirupati College₹ 1.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
44Apex Group of Institutions₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
45Jagannath University Jaipur₹ 3.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
46Suresh Gyan Vihar University₹ 52.05 K – 6.33 LakhsNAENQUIRE
47Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering and Technology₹ 55 KNAENQUIRE
48BIT Mesra – Jaipur Extension Center₹ 55 KNAENQUIRE
49Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University₹ 25 K – 1.8 LakhsNAENQUIRE
50Indian Institute of Event Management Research – IIEMR₹ 4.77 2.62 LakhsNAENQUIRE
51IIS₹ 4.77 LakhsNAENQUIRE
52National Academy of Sports Management, Jaipur₹ 3.6 LakhsNAENQUIRE
53Faculty Of Agriculture Science, Maharishi Arvind University₹ 1.43 LakhsNAENQUIRE
54Mahaveer College of Commerce₹–NAENQUIRE
55Nirwan University₹ 41.5 K – 1.61 LakhsNAENQUIRE
56S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute₹ 1.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
57Maharishi Arvind School of Management Studies₹ 1.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
58Maheshwari Girls P.G. College₹ 33.3 KNAENQUIRE
59KITE – Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
60Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University₹ 86 K – 4.3 LakhsNAENQUIRE
61Biyani Institute of Science and Management₹ 1.18 LakhsNAENQUIRE
62Maharishi Arvind University₹ 1.43 LakhsNAENQUIRE
63Deepshikha Group of Colleges₹ 1.18 LakhsNAENQUIRE
64Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management₹ 2.41 – 2.5 LakhsNAENQUIRE
65Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
66Apex Institute of Management and Science₹ 1.28 – 3.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
67Sunstone Eduversity – JECRC University₹ 2.8 LakhsNAENQUIRE
68NIMT Global Institute of Management & Technology (NIMT Global)₹ 18.9 KNAENQUIRE
69Shankara Group of Institution – Shankara Institute of Technology₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
70Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women (RCEW)₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
71The ICFAI University, Jaipur₹ 5.17 – 9.09 LakhsNAENQUIRE
72Poddar Management and Technical Campus₹ 2 LakhsNAENQUIRE
73Shree Karni College₹ 2.4 LakhsNAENQUIRE
74University of Technology₹ 80 KNAENQUIRE
75Khandelwal Vaish Girls Institute of Technology₹ 1.2 LakhsNAENQUIRE
76NASM Academy of Sports Management, Jaipur₹ 4.45 LakhsNAENQUIRE
77Pratap University₹ 2.12 LakhsNAENQUIRE
78Shekhawati Group of Institutions₹ 1.1 LakhsNAENQUIRE
79Regional College₹ 50 KNAENQUIRE
80Cambay Institute of Hospitality Management, Jaipur₹ 2.6 LakhsNAENQUIRE
81Educosm Technical Campus₹–NAENQUIRE
82Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Science₹ 1.4 LakhsNAENQUIRE
83Swami Vivekanand Institute of Management and Technology₹ 92 KNAENQUIRE
84Compucom Institute of Technology & Management₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
85MJRP College of Corporate Management (MJRP CCM)₹ 1.22 – 1.74 LakhsNAENQUIRE
86ISDC-JCERC University₹ 4 LakhsNAENQUIRE
87Fraternity Institute of Entrepreneurship₹ —NAENQUIRE
88Regional College For Education Research and Technology₹ 1.28 LakhsNAENQUIRE
89Shankara International School of Management and Research₹ 85 KNAENQUIRE
90Shankara International School of Management₹ 3 LakhsNA

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